The Wound

  The day comes you learn what will take you by death. Not by what kills the body, but something other, by way of a sacred wound that will never heal. It will be yours alone first sensed through love, the one you can’t forget, the one for the ages. The wound is furthered by […]


This is the natural progression of things: the seed grows in the husk and then the husk sloughs off. Know the difference. There is no arrogance in either. If you must make something of a shell you no longer need, do it with love. But when you feel the wind slant and soft in some […]


To ask the questions with no answers. To learn faith is more gut than brains, more moment than memory. To find the lost way of understanding without needing to know I have.

Broken Morning

I stood at the window watching one flickering star slip slow beneath the trees on the west horizon; another broken morning. I could not say if the earth was moving or the star was falling. I could consult the experts on such matters and often do, but I don’t think it’s required for either faith […]