In the Smoke of Many Fires

In the smoke of many fires we rise. Our signals are are read across the far reaches. Morning by morning, taken up, taken in, braiding skyward with the wild dream spilled out into star fall flaring silent four billion years, resting here, cooling, revolving, wettening, conceiving, generating, incubating, cultivating, nurturing, caring, loving its own by […]

Odd Goose

Here is a lesson for those of us of later seasons: mystery is the offside of everything we see. For what we each have always been is an embodied consciousness somehow knowing and not knowing all at once. So feel free to make sense of it all however you choose with words you gain along […]

Glass Jar

After the divorce and in the throes, I walked along the beaches of Southern California sunset after sunset. I collected stones and shells that I have kept in a hand blown glass jar I found at a rummage sale, green, cylindrical, with air bubble imperfections as if to suggest a frailty, perhaps a looming likelihood of breaking open […]

Let Us Throw Our Ideas into the Fire

Take any idea that we herald as gospel and ask at which point along history’s timeline was it invented, and by whom, and for whom, and why, and then ask at which point did the supposition become irreproachable dogma? Then, what effect did this tenet have upon the people for whom it became so unimpeachable? […]

The Wooden Ship

The wooden ship is today an artifact and in itself a floating museum, bare-masted main and fore, tied down in safe harbor. Years ago, we took our children to its legendary landing site and talked about the dangerous and perhaps dubious adventure of faith so many had endured in their quest for a new world. […]