It can be a long pause between breaths when one is dwelling on the source of things, or in learning the red caught in the cloud net at dawn comes from elsewhere, never ours to understand or fully behold. We make mystery a fun house mirror image when we claim to know. Breathe now as […]


For all the rain I am the tender of tall grasses. I looked up in this red morning to see, again, the mountains shouldering their clouds. I feel the Gulf of Mexico in the air and cool on my skin, laced with a shiver of old world spirit, like a walk in the French Quarter […]


I remember what I knew of Sabbath before I learned a broader way to be it, now held dearly with the understanding of things so wide as to make me small for the taking up of being right where I belong. I walk happy on the perennial journey from form to faith. You see, when […]


If there is a virtue like water, something real working deep, then be as the canyon, willing to give up on stately profiles standing sheer on far horizons. Channel a quenching from whitened peaks. Carry life to dry places.


Beneath the stone, encased in stillness, dark and cool, larvae strains to pupae strains to nymph, then bubbled for transport rising, emerging, surfacing, enticing Browns and Rainbows suspended. Resting, waiting, on the flow then spreading anxious into first flutter, an embodied gasping for first exchange, struggling into the thinner, dryer, warmer medium, fluttering, lifting, falling, […]


He spoke in the dangerous dialect of occupation. He wanted it all back in the original version of earth. He took up with the wilderness between mystery and science. He was sure to be facing down many great delusions, and the formidable crux of our existence itself. Everything hinged on leaving, being willing to take that first step out the door […]