My Sangre de Cristos

My Sangre de Cristos, you have poured your waters into me. The dust of your trails is golden on the bedrock of my inward spaces. Your substance is of the original dream, the stuff I too am made of… dust and water flesh and blood, you reduce body to pain, mind to wonder, spirit to […]


Fourteen Sachem Street

These forty years have diminished your dimensions or expanded mine, you, when held ‘longside my memories having walked ’round Walden Pond this morning, this evening I rest upon the porch where once I sat for a single photograph on a day when I was happy, and mother smiled softly at that image of her son. […]

Why Wolf Became Dog

I know how wolf became dog, why is the critical question. So awful an offering, some forerunning, I would say, today, fifteen thousand years from whence she wandered ‘long tundra’s expanse, wolf heard a cry, a mourning song, a terrible, swelling sehnsucht from beneath a new mindfulness dwelling upright in the world. Being was being […]


I have long since let him go. He was gone from the moment I learned of his enwombment. It was I of earth and he of sky, old Abraham had taught me well of a heart full of tinder, on stone of faith, a ram in the thicket, for my Isaac. I surrender because that is […]


I would have chosen a higher level of consciousness had I been informed of my options at the time of my birth. Not knowing, there I lay gurgling beneath the tricky combination of my mother’s joys and fears. Dad, in transit from boot camp to base, sailed the sea with Elvis, in the tricky combination […]

Grain of Sand

I, grain of sand, loosed into unity so long ago when some Abram hurled audacity down through the course of time. Who am I, when scrawled into the epic, to be born to faith out of nowhere, from nothing? I, sent windward, for wind will have its way, when mortared claims to facts and formulas […]