Why Wolf Became Dog

I know how wolf became dog,

why is the critical question.

So awful an offering,

some forerunning, I would say,

today, fifteen thousand years from

whence she wandered

‘long tundra’s expanse,


heard a cry, a mourning song,

a terrible, swelling sehnsucht from

beneath a new mindfulness

dwelling upright in the world.

Being was being observed by its own,

and there was shame in it, it seems.


from ridgeline, raised her ears at

village clamor, desperate chanting,

her empathy stalked shadows dancing as

vapors of yearning rose into

empty nights where all

mythologies are spawned.


lowered her head and approached the

conscious savage estranged from its


She did what had to be done.


from primal domain,

a higher terrain

emptied herself, taking on

mortal burdens morphed for

more than survival’s sake, and

nuzzled into

homes, hearths, hearts

living and dying

in service to the great turning.


leading the lost,

in her unequalled ways,

into the dawn.

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