I am going up ahead now into mountains to the north. I don’t have to be a poet but to those for whom a verse is wind in wings, water in gills. Religion has loosed its grip on me as have the more common contrivances and life’s little idolatries. It is I who holds them […]



Five million square miles of arctic tundra lie northward of most people living on our planet. The ungulates dwell there, and bears, with fish swimming below and birds above, and the surface of the deep blue sea covers one hundred and thirty-nine million more of those square miles that are safe, the ones uninhabited by […]

Advent for a Wolf Child

I am a shepherd waiting on stars, brooding for this age on the Bright One. Each generation must resolve you see, we must, again, make our way to this Mystery. The same old greatest story ever told is swept under the wonder again. I can see you hiding, lone, beneath this brilliant nightscape. You claim […]