Fifteen thousand years ago a people rose in China’s dawn, leaving the land of their fathers and mothers just south of the Yangtze, to cross the northern straits, migrating with dogs near-once wolves, and bearing seed of rice, both sacred bestowments of a great spirit. They settled in places to be known as Wisconsin, Colorado, […]



On this day of grand affairs and the peaceful transition of power, I watched the coverage of those stately procedures and listened to that inauguration poem well stated, so perfectly crafted until the dogs could take no more of my loitering indoors; those dogs, they know what’s important all bitching and moaning at the meadow […]


Were I to say “I will find God!” and make way to some airy consciousness of being held together, the cells of my body held together each in its place by some considerable design of what a man like me would be. Held together in a world like this by the source of myself, and […]

How I Plan to Save the World

I am through with god (small “g”), and guns and government. Surely one of these tyrannical fabrications will seize dominion over all the nations through some cataclysmic climax of brutal apotheosis… I mean, this fear and hatred is a fantastic prophet of doom! One would think this world is ending soon! I assure you it […]

Of Dreams in Winter

The dead of winter foretells of dust in wind. The crystal in the air surrendered by the milky veil lit up easy from the far side of the mountain, settling on my porch, dry as desert silt so push-brooms do the job of shovels. So cold I worry for willows and beaver beneath the frozen […]

Little Birds

The little birds skitter ‘cross the driveway pecking seed broadcast by the random hand of night wind. They do not know I am sitting here still it serves me greater pleasure just to watch and not be known. The primal domain speaks in silence or in songs without words while culture clamors. We choose by […]