How I Plan to Save the World


I am through with god (small “g”), and

guns and government. Surely

one of these tyrannical fabrications will seize

dominion over all the nations

through some cataclysmic climax of

brutal apotheosis… I mean,

this fear and hatred is a

fantastic prophet of doom!

One would think

this world

is ending soon! I assure you it is not. So,

until nature takes its course to reclaim it’s

wildness and original beauty (as all things

do that are left to be what they are),

I will fade obscure into my old age.

I will cherish my wife.

I will love and guide my children.

I will care for this creation.

I will grow food in my garden, and

I will trade with others in a local economy.

I will write my way to a clear voice speaking

from the center.

Then, when they

who have sacrificed

the core of this earthly existence

for consumeristic causes and

their quaint theology abandons them, and

their nationalistic idolatry betrays them, and

they realize they have

no skills

for living in the physical world,

and have grown hungry for real food and

the helping hand of an earnest friend,

I will feed them from this bounty:

I will teach them to listen to

their hearts sing to stars.

I will walk with them

with dogs

on earthen trails

until their heads are hollow and

they will learn again, like children, to be thankful that

they are joined with others

who, like them,

want none other than

the gift of human faith

in a loving Mystery, known mostly as

unknowable, yet known

to illuminate the universe.

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