House of Time

The furrowed skin of the peachleaf willow chafes into the gray, gathering nourishment and winter’s camouflage, a proper blind for a band of mourning dove, cooing in chalky plumage, lit by the dawn’s diffusion. Across the creek, the redwing blackbirds buzz aloft in the bare cottonwoods to devise their being in the element of now. […]



I thumb inside his big loose ears, his eyelids descend to half mast. A gentle paw rises to rest on my arm while his breath, a sweet warmth, respires from the deep hollow of divine conspiracy. Our history is natural… my ancestors, and his, ran parallel lines along game trails lacing Pyrenean peaks, paddling Nova […]

The Conversation

The sky is finally empty but for fading traces of myths and legends of Apollo and Asteria, once heard, under the covers, holding a transistor radio to my ear. I still believe in a good story until it gets exalted above its merit. At a younger age, when summers in Canada stood timeless I would […]


Early on this Sunday morning I could not bear a sense of being bound in the wordy, veneered in pilfered affirmations or vagrant passages, so, I stood at the window. My eyes coursed along coyote tracks left in the snow; a drifting mosey, northerly and braided. The wolf of the prairie had skulked in a […]