This Stillness

I follow the silhouette gliding smooth on rugged ground from ridge to creek, then eyes, by instinct, rise to a raven against the sun. It was not the bird but it’s shadow that caused this stillness. Do shadows leave behind an etching in unbroken snow, a trail in dust? Is there a lasting effect of […]


The Old Fence

When a man steps up to the treacherous edge of his proverbial abyss, the vertigo can be unsettling. All of life’s unlived moments scream like legion from that dark hole. This morning I shucked off the notion of routine and took a walk in the cold. The deer I had not seen in days flushed […]

For the Struggling Wayfarer

To Mike, the Young and Struggling Wayfarer “Dear You”, I learned of your struggle and was broken open to empathy, for I know the pain of packing one’s bags for deeper incarnations. While every leaving takes us closer home, the early departures of fledgling voyagers most often seem a plunging off the edge. Through earnest […]