This has been the spring of seven winters. I have kept count while knowing the numbering of things is an exercise of dull habit or perhaps something more afoul at the level of the spirit. Each morning I ask God to rise with me enchanted in just one small part of the world, so I […]



To be removed from office, your station in life, your cubicle of institutional distinction. To play host to an occupational meltdown, an imposed or self-induced professional annihilation. To watch your vocational membrane, the one that made you feel viable and decent, molt into the wind of disregard, of no account, of yesterday. As if you […]


A man of middle years is more the good of who he is when he comes to trust the subtleties of seasons. He has learned the way of sweetgrass sheltered ‘neath the willow brush and currant, soon to stake a rightful claim through the dark work of rooting then flourishing, never the contrary. When younger, […]

Stars and Fire

When I am thoughtless of tomorrow, careless of uncertainties, when I am forgetful with memories, and neglectful of grievances, the sun becomes my timekeeper. I am hinged on a great daily patience that is teaching me to breathe without fear. I do not always know this grace, but when I am possessed by it, I […]