Stars and Fire

When I am thoughtless of

tomorrow, careless of

uncertainties, when I am

forgetful with memories, and

neglectful of grievances, the

sun becomes my timekeeper.

I am hinged on a great daily

patience that is teaching me to

breathe without fear.

I do not always know this grace,

but when I am possessed by it,

I rise to the day enchanted with

the ground beneath my feet,

with geese that return every spring,

with the common miracle of being

in my skin that knows the bracing

cold of mountain waters, the wry

and stalwart stand of tall grasses

bound to the plains. I am held

sure of not taking something

in that would diminish me.

And when the sun says “it is finished”

we will lean back under stars around the

fire and forgive the world of

all its troubles. I am building

three Adirondack chairs.

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