“A man can be in one place but in all places he can never be.” So said the vagrant. He was lost in Pueblo, Colorado, on the street, standing in harsh wind and brittle sun. He was abject and worn and was familiar with Becker’s The Denial of Death. I asked: “When did you occasion […]


Earth and Sky

We are the burgeon of earth, relentless. We are a great striving across the sky; above and below, in and through the muddle, the clarity of being one named human. Our species inhabits the rift between animal and spirit, each at once, neither one alone. We are the down in the kestrel’s wing, the claw […]


Red winged blackbird sang of the expanse of all things, of the sacred emptiness of plain spaces. I walked beneath three mornings of his melodic teaching as if I needed to hear it again and once more. The dogs appeared to have the lesson well in hand though I struggled to hold it long enough […]