Earth and Sky


We are the burgeon of earth, relentless.

We are a great striving across the sky;

above and below, in and through the muddle, the

clarity of being one named human. Our

species inhabits the rift between animal and

spirit, each at once, neither one alone. We are the

down in the kestrel’s wing, the claw of the ermine.

We are the roe of reddened fish, the desperate feign of

the killdeer, the afterbirth of bear, the breath of

island fox. We are the harbor lights of Avalon, the

wheel of the Mars rover, the statue of Balto in

Central Park. We are the gild of the cathedral and

the filth of the bowery. We, the afterthought of

stars, we, the shimmer on the face of the deep.

And it was given to us, being made human,

to reckon all matter and form,

structure and essence,

earth and sky.

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