Sky Burial

Standing ‘mongst the dogs, all squint of eye and crane of neck until I named the circling turkey buzzard speck of cumulus nimbus. Such scavengers bring me pause. Earth was lying easy on her back and breathing into blue, a thermal sigh, Creation lifting bird and wonder to where this one might fly. The expanse so vast along the […]



Tell me friend, what is your personal philosophy of existence? Have you found a way that runs deep in unsearching for words you could not utter to begin with? Do you know the way of rest so whole as to leaning into wind without concern for falling? Have you a sense of plain living as […]


Will not your dream. Instead, do the work of it. Bring all of you with you, nothing less, no need for more. Walk in the day as if all things must be touched and felt as real. Along the obscured path you’ll find the cairn, placed there for reasons obvious and not. Trust that hands were […]