Will not your dream. Instead,

do the work of it.

Bring all of you with you, nothing

less, no need for more.

Walk in the day as

if all things must be

touched and felt as real. Along the

obscured path you’ll find the

cairn, placed there for reasons

obvious and not. Trust that

hands were sincere in

the arrangement, only

do not worship where

it lay. The milestone is

worthy some note for it is

hefty of direction though not

destination. Rather, let it draw you

along until the stars

appear and lift your eyes

away from all your

marks and measures.

Be sure in grace and rhythm with

caribou and coyote, in

step with moose and wolf.

These hold to nothing of the

careful placement of

rocks.  Rest your hand on

your breast in love for all

hearts moving in the

cadence of unity and you will

know, as the earthen way

wanes in long shadows, how

to see into the

deep waters.

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