Tell me friend,

what is your personal

philosophy of existence?

Have you found a way that

runs deep in unsearching for

words you could not utter to begin with?

Do you know the way of

rest so whole as to leaning into

wind without concern for falling?

Have you a sense of

plain living as creature in this

home we call earth without

need to draw great rifts of fear

across the skies?

Have you wheedled it

down to daily bread, taking only

what you need and leaving the rest for

the children and the poor?

Have you found

your instinct for your

core, that which has

never been separate from its source?

Can you stand sure at the

threshold of death, knowing the

veil will be torn into mystery and, for now,

that is more than enough?

And is there love, the kind so

elemental as to save you

from the tyranny of belief and into the

garden of faith?

I am only asking and

whether you resonate or are

disturbed, all is good,

for nothing on this journey remains as

it is for very long. The summer is

turning down into the

ground and harvest is near. Your

struggle is more than worth the while.

You are becoming.

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