One knows the fragrant page of an old book, the reliable creak in the wooden floor, the wobbly traverse of a cobblestone street, the flow off the edge of an eavestrough. One can see into a dusty sunbeam, the waddle of the train, the bleat of the lamb, a groan in the mast, the lightening […]



I reckoned the hues of autumn upon the house; Robust crimson, muted green, dry gold on russet brown. I brushed with currant, willow, sage and earth in the warm afternoons of October. To obey the night to night visitations of a white dream with a voice persuading “paint!”, I took up with buckets and pollocked my way […]


October sharpens sunlight to a glint and obliges the eye to longer shadows. There is fire in the death of things and I am dry as dread. The hailstorms of August stripped chokecherry and currant bare of fruit. An injured deer is stalked by two young coyote. The liquored old man that lives across the […]