Winter Bird

When my heart becomes the winter bird, shivered in the cold and grey solitudes of melancholy, I turn to a stark deliberation: First, I walk, out into the unbound spaces and with each step remembering the quiet genesis of my faith. Second, I work, setting my hands to the real of the commonplace in unadorned […]



I dream of gathering stones when I am empty of the virtues, when I cannot bear a voice that speaks in words. Silence is the boundless realm of unknowing, rendering me to all that is, to everything Other, within the steady solitude of faith, a great sea, not of what the eye sees, not of […]

Old Soul

To the one who remembers Pangaea, to the soul dredged deep of a land before God broke bread of it with mighty words of root and cause to christen continents cast across the waters; be heartened. Though no one taught you of your unique endowment, instinct and archetype are a lamp unto your feet. The world within […]