Bury me where I fall, or throw me in the wind. I was a boy of water, as blue as superior and as deep. I have lived the greater portion of my life unknown to those the closest. As for salvation, the water, consecration, the water, destination, the water.  Bury me where I fall, or throw […]


The Photographer

He carried a shy concern that his retraction from society might lead him to despair, or leave him with some sense he will never be enough, or cause him to not keep his agreement with God he would live a worthy life. He paused at his penchant for widened swaths of solitude and the private beauty […]


He woke in the night knowing his truth and all he could think was now what? Once a man is at the bottom of himself, having made his rounds with delusion, diversion, distraction, addiction, muse, role, title, persona, system and schtick, there is nothing left but God and the coming dawn. He rose, he blinked, he yawned, […]


Their inward rivers have surged too strong for this familiar dale, their currents coursing outward to broader valleys and farther seas. Being is an empty absolute, for now is to do, to task, to venture on the who they will become. We send them wrapped in prayers with songlines from our brighter dreams. We fly our flags unfurled and keep our fears […]