The Sage


He came as coyote to

guide the ready and able

beyond their borders.

He said, I will tell you of

the way though it will be

inglorious for now. Turn by

turn, through the many

deaths and births of life,

this is your lot as one

sentient of animal time

and consequence of spirit.


the sipapu in the

floor of the kiva.


the downward plunge

behind boulders in the river.


on the first step out the

door on the journey of

ashes.  These mark the

way of passage.

But because

you have the olden knots in

your head, you

will need to listen to

the timbre of a

hallowed heart.

There you will

find the substance that

ages your face with

initiation and portion, enough

for this endeavor though

best rendered cypher until

your words are bent in

wisdom and not in judgment.

See your core

enwombed there as if

you are being born into the

hands of a new God,

for this is where he

midwifes. Heed this counsel,

for is it not the sage

who speaks in the

mother tongue of faith?

Some go

by way of water and

some by blood, some by

earth and some by

sky. By way of the

dog, and some by the

book or craft of words,

but all

will go by love, and

love for

all that is.

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