The First of Everything


I see waters

warm free from the

hard hold of winter.

O show me how

you muse the

sky upon your

silver skin. My

heart is the

feet of mergansers.

My mind is the

nib of kingfisher,

hungry to remember of

earth spun ‘round the

sun as my holy

calendar. There is

the first of

everything in

spring. All that is

begins in the

center of one

great star flaring now

four billion years to

fuse into the

matter of this

real world. I

thrive and I am

bound for quickened waters

stirring in the heat of a

great turning.

2 thoughts on “The First of Everything

  1. So beautiful. I am going back to read it once again. A poem entitled “Cookies” came up in my reader but when I clicked on it there was an opps. Would love to read it to if it is still out there to be read 🙂

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