So On I Go

IMG_3317 - Version 2

In first light

I wait

for birds, they,

so snug-up to their nature,

too real for the human amnesiac who

cannot hold his own but in

patches and pauses. So, I ask the silence for a

birdsome aptitude, a way of mind to

occupy that gaze into the dawn.

Near and far, through a singing into me, I hear:

“would you be as a bird? Then

like the bird

bother not to draw the fine line that

splits the atom of origins,

to somehow separate the matter of the soul

from where it was conceived,

for our source sets like the sun

on unity’s horizon. Like the bird,

do not worry to configure what is

required by this one life that asks for

nothing more than faith.

Yield, like the bird,

mystified with being

awakened but without certitude, and as a human,

know the reverse causes

great harm to children and the world.

The next step is always taken in not knowing how.

That is why we call it revelation.

And, like the bird, remember

none of this was your idea.”

So on I go, being one creature

among others,

to face the breaking of the day

arrayed with patches and

pauses, with many brought on

by the company of birds.

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