A Darker God


If you have understood, then what you have understood is not God.

 St. Augustine

I have come to know of

a darker God. There are hours

in the night when He is formless

and void beyond all that is.

Impersonal and elsewhere, He

is the frightening spaciousness

that swallows the universe whole.

He is in stark contrast to all

claims and constructs. The

moment He is imagined, He is not

imagined. The moment He is

described, He is not described.  He is utterly

unaware of religion and bears no impulse

toward the chanting of creeds or the

wrenching of pleas. He is from

nowhere and headed toward nothing. He is

boundless, vast and unspeakable, never to

be found. I did not love God

until I learned of a darker God, for surely

He leads me out beyond all reaches

of human desperation and endeavor.

When I begin in the dark, I am free.

When I begin in the dark, finally,

I know how to pray.

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