Let Us Throw Our Ideas into the Fire


Take any idea

that we herald as gospel

and ask

at which

point along history’s

timeline was

it invented, and

by whom,

and for whom, and

why, and then ask at

which point did

the supposition become

irreproachable dogma?

Then, what effect did

this tenet have upon

the people for whom

it became so unimpeachable?

Finally, as of today,

might not this idea of

aged origin be one that

is lost to its own first-born meaning?

Then watch as time

passes as

those who pose

challenge are

vilified asking

for reason and option.

They have burned at the stake,

they have died in the dungeon,

today, they are

cast off to live in the

margins. For certain

our danger is that of

a concept that cannot

be challenged or

thrown in the fire, for

fire would only make

that worth the keeping

more pure and far

truer than any


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