New Rain


In the faces of the young

or those inspirited likewise

I see

a great turning

toward one;

a singular union

of creation with its

source. Without much

in the way of

agency, but for the

divine rites of science

and poetry,

human consciousness

is being drawn out in the


vaporized of its

harder elements and

taken up

into the sun

for the making

of a new rain,

for the sake of

a nurturing sustenance

of earth, our only home.

This is the faith

revealed in the

nuance of all faiths.

Each one of us, or that

to which we hold is

a drop

once of the

original firmament and

thus burning off,



We learn of this faith in our

vast array of

better stories, tales

contrived by necessity.

We move with it as

it flows into silent mystery.

We become it

when we finally

fall like rain



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