If you are one

the wild God

wants for his own.

If your soul,

your mind and your body

are located in one place.

If you are drawn out

into the silence, near

the bottom, along the edges,

if you have borne up under

some great catechism

and now are released of it,

into the world,

sure of not knowing

yet knowing for sure that

many acquired attachments

had once worked

to convince you of many things

contrived and contorted, to

which you never fully gave

your heart…


just might be (and I know you are)

the mystic

you once dreamed of meeting

along your way.

And if you dare claim

such realization,

get humble

and alone

for a time.

Learn to breathe.

Learn to read.

Learn to speak from the center.

Seek counsel from very few

for very few will understand.

But as you gain resonance

among the kindred, this will be

your way station in the

vast barrens

of love and suffering,

between long periods of

empty wandering that

most others will spurn by means of

religion or any movement

of the many. And be sure

to remember

who you are

when watching a parade or

enduring a dinner party

with the privileged. You

will be among the poor (as I am)

soon enough,

where you belong,

free, with nothing to prove or

protect, returning again

and again

to the silence.

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