Rascal Wind


If you are ready

to take up

with the unknown,


with what you know, something

you can see, or hear, or touch or taste or smell.

Stop trying to sense the world with words.

From there, by way of

natural allegory, the wild and

dark matter

will be rustling at

the edge

of your imagination.

As in this wind,

surging from beneath

the dawn’s grey and violet churning,

it cannot be seen

but felt

like a rascal

who taps on your shoulder

from outside

your line of sight. You may

understand little

of it’s origin or purpose,

but much of its effects:

to shift and drift the garden mulch, to

test your fences, to empty your

bird feeders or gather

dull dust in your doorway.

It’s fine to curse its wiles, but also

you may want to sigh

with some wiser resignation

that this rascal wind,

in the earliest hints of Spring

is tempering you

for unknown things

to come.

2 thoughts on “Rascal Wind

  1. Terrific imagery and metaphor for facing – and embracing – the unknown. The rascal wind has roared into the Pacific Northwest these first days of March – hopefully making room for new growth and insight. Thanks for reminding me to sense the world beyond words.

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