I walked into the wild, the

high country, a silence,

the first to the end of

that sky canyon,

no sight of

human tracks before me

on the last of the

great snow embankments.

I was held

in my steps alongside

fields of fallen rock,

above hidden torrents.

When I arrived,

I realized it is

all and nothing for

one like me.

I left what I could

in the deep water, yet


burn myself

in dreams that vie

within me.

I have so far to go

before I make it home.

3 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. “I have so far to go before I make it home.” And I feel I am running out of time…


    Your description of reading many books at one time like quick visits to an important person, not wanting to bother them with your insignificance. That is how I feel when writing words to a wordsmith, such as yourself. My desire to connect with beauty and God compels me to try, even though I know my lack of giftedness. My own desire for trinity feeds off what I read and see and makes me want to at least put my toe in the water.

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