Star Mind

Night is only shadow in which the stars remind that light is all around, still burning. This, an admonition to us, the small dimensionists, the ones, in all this matter, that struggle with our fear. The frailest of birds, in the coldest dark, sleep sound, somewhere. So, as this earth turns, each day, and night […]


As If the Stars

I stepped out into the morning night. The stars were running, laughing in a living brightness as if the sun were throwing them like flaming embers further into the dark. I felt the woven world loosen and unravel all around me. I stood still until I heard the world of people asking what do you […]

The Beginning

The deer walk out across the meadow, not one distorted thought among them and lit with the brilliance of instinct as we confound ourselves in every clear moment. Knowing this is like fearing God (the reverent kind King Solomon enshrined). The deer teach wisdom simply by walking out across the meadow.

Poem With No Title

To live beneath the tongue, not tasting of the things I make my meanings of. Instead, to sense the ground below my feet, the north wind on my neck, the winter death of grass, the piercing light of stars, the weight of moving water, the huffing breath of dogs, the woman’s touch on skin, and […]


Having withdrawn from the contest, I live on the edge of town with a mind for mountains. I learned that dogs will follow if you point your feet in the other direction. So will the heart pounding whole in places where musk of warm earth vapors with the fragrance of spruce. There is always only […]