Moonrise was waiting for first light to send it on it’s modest arc across the southeast corner of the starry dome. I rose, stepped out to warm the car, anxious to catch up with Boston, out ahead into the day. Jet planes are time machines. And yet, the sky stood me still. I lingered. I noticed […]


As night summoned a hidden despair, I sang in silent harmony with a lone coyote; his call was ragged with longing and he was wondering where his love had gone. When the song was over, and the stars hung still, I whispered to the wild spirits who understand such things. Know my heart O world […]


He is of the North, and prays in the way of water and fire, elements of journey, paddling through an expanse of wild vanquish, ravaged by love unrequited, on voyage many years, passage and portage, the depths on one side, the forest on the other, a darkening mystery below and above. Each offer their bounty […]

New Rain

In the faces of the young or those inspirited likewise I see a great turning toward one; a singular union of creation with its source. Without much in the way of agency, but for the divine rites of science and poetry, human consciousness is being drawn out in the zeitgeist, vaporized of its harder elements […]