Having withdrawn from the contest, I live on the edge of town with a mind for mountains. I learned that dogs will follow if you point your feet in the other direction. So will the heart pounding whole in places where musk of warm earth vapors with the fragrance of spruce. There is always only […]

The Wound

  The day comes you learn what will take you by death. Not by what kills the body, but something other, by way of a sacred wound that will never heal. It will be yours alone first sensed through love, the one you can’t forget, the one for the ages. The wound is furthered by […]


This is the natural progression of things: the seed grows in the husk and then the husk sloughs off. Know the difference. There is no arrogance in either. If you must make something of a shell you no longer need, do it with love. But when you feel the wind slant and soft in some […]


To ask the questions with no answers. To learn faith is more gut than brains, more moment than memory. To find the lost way of understanding without needing to know I have.