Be born you into the ineffable and empty consciousness within all things, revealed in the deeper evolutions, streaming from nothing to nowhere as one silence to one silence, as enfleshment through woman’s womb, as broken bread through suffering, through pain and darkened portal, as one love to one love when all is finally hung upon the tree. So, become such giftedness to grace this […]


Fiery maples arced over streets turned aisles of cathedrals. We were young, still creatures of earth, walking to school singing hymns of becoming, whispering prayers of someday. We are here now and whatever we believe brought us to this presence, it will prove faith arcing to faith and love arcing to love. The world is […]


He woke in the night knowing his truth and all he could think was now what? Once a man is at the bottom of himself, having made his rounds with delusion, diversion, distraction, addiction, muse, role, title, persona, system and schtick, there is nothing left but God and the coming dawn. He rose, he blinked, he yawned, […]