The Returning

We two, on six brooding feet traversed the sandy trail, an earthen record of morning walks, strung along the ruins of an old forgotten summer resort. I could see children bursting out slappity screen doors free into the sun, fingers raking through the tall grass, laughter fading into green shadows. It left me vacant, alone […]

Age of Faith

A summer squall changed the world this afternoon, for soil dry, for thirst of finches slaked in blossoms, for the withered mind. Mountain monsoons raise the dead when lighted vapors filled with the spirit of fresh cut sage return to sky. I sauntered with the God of dogs til dusk, whistling Danny Boy, the words […]


To be free from the darker arts, our contriving of forms reversely onto the foreground of natural history. Shamans and soothsayers gazing backwards, trading the naked now for trinkets of lore and laud, we trouble ourselves with tradition, we glory in our conquests of the lesser then. If Jesus was anything more than a man, […]