I walked into the wild, the high country, a silence, the first to the end of that sky canyon, no sight of human tracks before me on the last of the great snow embankments. I was held in my steps alongside fields of fallen rock, above hidden torrents. When I arrived, I realized it is […]


Invitation in Blue Dusk

I sensed a rush of wings above, a sudden river flowed in skyward waves, a twisting spiral random convergence leading itself centerless, to inspire it’s own innovations and my silence. First, of the crunchy growl of boots on hardening snow, then breath held for the sake of listening, then mind entrancing in it’s parallel flight with this […]


Be born you into the ineffable and empty consciousness within all things, revealed in the deeper evolutions, streaming from nothing to nowhere as one silence to one silence, as enfleshment through woman’s womb, as broken bread through suffering, through pain and darkened portal, as one love to one love when all is finally hung upon the tree. So, become such giftedness to grace this […]


I dream of gathering stones when I am empty of the virtues, when I cannot bear a voice that speaks in words. Silence is the boundless realm of unknowing, rendering me to all that is, to everything Other, within the steady solitude of faith, a great sea, not of what the eye sees, not of […]