To be removed from office,

your station in life, your cubicle of

institutional distinction. To play host to

an occupational meltdown, an imposed or

self-induced professional annihilation. To

watch your vocational membrane, the one

that made you feel viable and decent, molt into

the wind of disregard, of no account, of

yesterday. As if you woke from a fall at the

bottom of a broken ladder, to feel the bleak

void of mid-morning on weekdays, of

mid-life, of mid-meaning, unsure where to

place sporadic poise while nagging

anguish throbs between sessions of

self-interrogation… Remember, as you may

have been mistreated, by others or yourself,

speak little of it. A bitter heart needs time to

foment in blessed seclusion, away from ears

unworthy of your tangential complaints. You

might avoid that murky puddle of primal

fear and get careful with all that enters

your mental  panorama. You are going to

need some strength. Be as quiet as you

can. Breathe deeply and while you let your eyes turn

upward in your swirling skull from one

moment to the next, pause, rest, cease.

this is your task for a time, pause,

rest, cease, until you perceive a

great chasm dropping off before

your feet

and hear










for now

not knowing how or when,

you have distances to consider, you

are a taking on a new sense of precious time, you

have the dangers of a rightful modesty to navigate, to be

tried and convicted of being human, you have the crucible of

vulnerability to endure as the dross of your inward nonessentials

surface above the fire of asking the Universe for temperance, for

a steely purpose, for a place of belonging. And as it may not be obvious

that you will find a wider plain on which to trade in the market of

fairer commerce, you will. On the turning point from playing a dumb

role to working from the center of your soul, the reason for descent comes

clear: you had chasm work to do for which our world will be rewarded.

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