Old Soul


To the one who remembers Pangaea,

to the soul dredged deep of a

land before God broke bread of it with

mighty words of root and cause to christen

continents cast across the waters; be heartened.

Though no one taught you of your unique

endowment, instinct and archetype are

a lamp unto your feet. The world within you is as

large as without, of the elemental image

arching from in the beginning to

amen. You have come into your

faith now, you are of the deeper walk, so;

Hold dear the Silence within the

bounds of earth, sky, and time.

Heed not the clamor and extend

polite refusal to the alchemies of

fools and their followers. Do not

go their way. Instead, find in

each day some simple moment of

reckoning and all will be well. Tend

to the part of the world you are

given to for that is the body and the

blood of it. And know this: you would

not have that disquieting

shadow of yours were it not for

the common grace of Light. Between these is

your rightful place to bend and fray the

luminous substance of love. Yours is a

refuge for the neophyte hungry for the

remembrance you are holding.

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