Autumn is burning, turning, all green grown is suddenly fire, lit from within in the fading dusk. The vital hue descending, to the root and rhizome we all go, to our essential darkness, but not before our luminous colors reveal the passing of our substance, our quest, our earnest effort at some small good and […]



Autumn is of letting go, returning to the ground in slow surrender. We rise, then fall, once green, now crimson, pouringĀ out to earth like the blood of the covenant. We wonder most in autumn if there is something beyond everything. Hold on as long as strength allows to flare into the charis wheel of burning […]


October sharpens sunlight to a glint and obliges the eye to longer shadows. There is fire in the death of things and I am dry as dread. The hailstorms of August stripped chokecherry and currant bare of fruit. An injured deer is stalked by two young coyote. The liquored old man that lives across the […]