On Whom to Invite to the Feast

Be out of words. Be through with the platitudes of polite society. Be in need of something holy. Return to a gathering place alone and fallow. Stand where contours of earth are traced by wind and light. Let the fire of hunger throw its fury into shadows while hands prepare a lavish meal in silence. […]

You Were Born a Poet

“In the respects in which the soul is unlike God, it is also unlike itself.”  St. Bernard You were born a poet, slow to affiliations otherwise. You do not belong but to elements and instincts, just the basics, in a place, embodied, of a home and a small handful of people. You were familied, churched, […]

That Which the Swallows Bring to Mind

The peppered sky chimes in the key of swallows. Arcing northward from central america, dual citizens of the torn world, though native to the unity. Wonderful yet I find myself dispossessed of wonder. Like the birds, we all sleep under bridges of one kind or another. When the core competency of a culture is strategic […]

The Returning

We two, on six brooding feet traversed the sandy trail, an earthen record of morning walks, strung along the ruins of an old forgotten campground. I could see children bursting out slappity screen doors free into the sun, fingers raking through the tall grass, laughter fading into green shadows. It left me vacant, alone with […]