You Were Born a Poet

“In the respects in which the soul is unlike God, it is also unlike itself.”  St. Bernard You were born a poet, slow to affiliations otherwise. You do not belong but to elements and instincts, just the basics, in a place, embodied, of a home and a small handful of people. You were familied, churched, […]


I reckoned the hues of autumn upon the house; Robust crimson, muted green, dry gold on russet brown. I brushed with currant, willow, sage and earth in the warm afternoons of October. To obey the night to night visitations of a white dream with a voice persuading “paint!”, I took up with buckets and pollocked my way […]


For a time, we harbor… we live among our own, in bounds of law and whims of culture. There are mores and norms and rituals to observe, for we believe that God inhabits them. In the teaching of children lies the distillation of our substance. A learned scrutiny will reveal our absolutes. Yet, there is […]